Small Group Notes


Small Group Notes

Small group notes for July 16 - A Christian's Righteousness

Welcome: Which laws of our land would you break or change if you could?

 Worship: Read together out loud the 10 commandments from Exodus 20.

 Word: Matthew 5: 17-20

1.       In your opinion, what are some of the benefits and difficulties of reading the Old Testament?

2.       Read Matthew 5: 17-20. This passage naturally divides into 2 parts, verses 17-18 and verses 19-20. What does each part emphasize?

3.       Why might some people have thought that Jesus came to abolish the Law and the Prophets (v.17)?

4.       The Law and the Prophets (the Old Testament) consist of doctrine, prophecy and ethical precepts. In what sense has Jesus fulfilled each of these (v.17)?

5.       How does Jesus emphasize his high view of Old Testament Scripture (v. 17-18)

6.       How can Jesus' words strengthen our confidence in Scripture?

7.       How will our response to the Law determine our status in the kingdom of heaven (v.19)?

8.       The Pharisees and teachers of the law were zealous about observing the Law. How can our righteousness possibly surpass theirs (v.20)?

9.       Jesus states that only those who have this surpassing righteousness will enter the kingdom of heaven (v.20). How can this be harmonised with his statement about the poor in spirit (those who admit their spiritual bankruptcy) entering the kingdom (5:3)?

10.   Some people claim that Jesus abolished the category of law for the Christian and we are only responsible for obeying the " law of love." Respond to this view in light of Jesus' words in this passage.

11.   How has this passage affected your attitude toward the Old Testament?


Witness: How can we make our study and application of the Old Testament a higher priority? And how can we make the Old Testament more accessible and relevant to others?


Small group notes for July 23 - A Christian's Righteousness part 2

Welcome: Have you ever slowed down your car because you saw a police officer? What did your action indicate about your attitude toward the law?

 Worship: sing praise to Jesus, our righteous teacher. Examples: You alone can rescue  Christ alone, cornerstone

 Word: Matthew 5: 21 - 30

1.       In verses 21-22 Jesus places murder and unrighteous anger in the same category. How are they related?

2.       "Raca" expresses contempt for a man's intelligence (you stupid!) and "fool" for his character (you scoundrel!) Why do you think God regards these as bad as murder?

3.       What do verses 23-26 teach us about broken relationships?

4.       When we have offended someone, why is it so important that we go to him or her immediately?

5.       If we have had an argument with someone, should we avoid receiving communion until it is sorted out?

6.       What according to Jesus is the full meaning of "do not commit adultery"?

7.       Some Christians have taken v.29-30 literally and have mutilated their bodies. How do you think Jesus intends us to understand his warnings?

8.       In what situations might we need to "gouge out an eye"or "cut off a hand?"


Witness: ( to contemplate in silence)  In what specific areas do you feel the need for a deeper righteousness? Ask God to help you rid your life of anything that causes you to sin.

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