Small Group Notes



Small Group Notes

Small  group notes for July 15

Welcome: Do you ever despair over your children?

Worship: Sing or listen to any song about God being a great judge. Ideas: Ascribe Greatness to our God the Rock, Our God is an awesome God.

Word: 1 Samuel 2: 12-25 (or continue to end)

1.      What were the 2 main sins that Eli’s sons were committing?

2.      What does Eli do about their misbehaving? What do you think about his parenting? Remember that the role of High Priest had been a hereditary role since Moses and Aaron.

3.      The fat of the meat was the most precious part- to be sacrificed as a burnt offering to God before the rest is boiled. Are we ever guilty in a similar way to Eli’s sons?

4.      How was it evident that God had brought Samuel into this setting to redeem a rotting spiritual situation? Describe what you see to be wrong spiritually in Israel.

5.      Why are Eli’s family judged so harshly? See James 3:1 and Matthew 18: 6-7

6.      How is Samuel serving God at this time? Can you think of ways that we can encourage children in our church to serve him?

7.      And how is Hannah finally blessed for her sacrifice of Samuel?

Witness:Perhaps listen to this song together God of Justice And then pray that we would serve God more like Hannah and Samuel and less like Eli and his sons!


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