Small Group Notes



Small Group Notes

Small group notes for November 25

Christ the King Sunday

Welcome:  What excites you about the future? What worries you about the future?

Worship: sing or listen to Above all powers

Word: Daniel 7:9-14


1.       What aspects of God's nature and power are suggested by Daniel's description of the Ancient of Days in verses 9-10?


2.        How can this vision of God give us hope and stability when the nations (or our lives) are in turmoil?


3.       What characteristics of God do we see in verses 9-12? How does this influence the way you view or interact with God? Do you think this is compatible with a merciful view of God?


4.       The final figure to appear in Daniel's vision is "one like a son of man" (vv. 13-14)—an apparent description of the Lord Jesus. Why do you think all the kings and kingdoms of the world are pictured as beasts but Christ looks like a son of man?


5.       Notice the descriptions of Christ, Daniel 7:13-14 What is emphasised?


6.       Daniel is told that the saints of the Most High will share in the kingdom with the Son of man. What do you find most appealing about Daniel's description of God's kingdom (vv. 13-14,) and why?


7.       Verses 13-14 describe the coming of the Son of Man. Do we look forward to the future coming of this Son of Man? How does your life reflect that? What are some practical ways that can help us “long for his appearing” as mentioned in 2 Timothy 4:8?


8.       How does reading this passage affect your attitude toward the future? How can you pray more confidently, taking stock of your own life, for yourself and your family members, for your church, your city, and for the nations, particularly, the UK?


Witness: —What is the one thing you need to know or do?  What is your next step in response to this passage?

 How does knowing that God will accomplish His plan in the end, encourage you?

What should our current attitude be and what should our current motivation and actions be, if we are on the winning side?


Small group notes for Dec 9


Welcome: How much preparation for Christmas are you having to do this year?


Worship: listen to this song and meditate on the message Prepare the way


Word: Luke 3:1- 6


map of Herodian territory


1.       Why is so much detail given in this passage about when it happened?


2.       Why do you think God chose someone like John to be Jesus' forerunner?


3.       How can we be sure that all our personal differences are part of God's plan and purpose? Can't some be patterns of sinful reactions to past events?


4.       John was raised in the desert. What kinds of circumstances has God used as a training ground for your preparation?


5.       How dependent are you upon what others think and say about you? How can you change this without becoming callous?


6.       What would you say to a person suffering from chronic guilt over past sins? How can guilt be healthy? How can guilt be unhealthy?


7.       Why is humbling (such as repentance and baptism in John's day) necessary to form disciples of Jesus?


8.       What kind of cutting, filling, straightening, and smoothing work has God been doing in your life? What does he still need to do? Why is this necessary preparation for disciples?


Witness: pray for each other as we prepare for celebrating Jesus first coming and look forward to his second.

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