Welcome to you – wherever you come from.
We are a relaxed, welcoming church family that seeks to be faithful to the Scriptures and the gospel. About 400 of us gather in various settings each week for worship, fellowship, learning of God and prayer. We seek to serve God in this pleasant small town in the 21st century.

Our aim is to be a community of Christians who worship God and make a difference to people's lives.
Church Values
*  Reaching out with God's love
*  Serving the People of Chester-le-Street
*  Doing everything for Jesus

Corona Virus Update

We are now holding services in our Church building and Parish Centre with very limited numbers.  Facebook services will continue for the present time.  For more details click on the links below

Opening the Church and Parish Centre For  -

Public worship and Facebook - click here 


Individual Prayer

 The church is now open for private prayer  on Tuesday   afternoons from 1.00 - 3.00 pm. 

 Please come prepared for help with social distance measures   and hand sanitising which the stewards will explain.


Parish Magazine

Our parish magazine Outreach is available each month from the Parish Office, and the Parish Church during services.  It costs 50p for a hard copy or it can be downloaded for free from the website   Outreach

We are also issuing a monthly Newsletter - a shorter version of Outreach (see below for links) 

Our Newsletters during the Corona Pandemic

Oct 2020 - click here    Sept 2020 - click here  

August 2020 - click here       July 2020 - click here  

June 2020 - click here     May 2020 - click here  



There has been a Christian worshipping community here since 883AD, when monks from Lindisfarne, bearing the body of Saint Cuthbert built a shrine which became, for more than a century, the Cathedral of the Kingdom of Northumbria. It was here that the Gospels were first translated into Saxon English and a facsimile of the Lindisfarne Gospels can be seen at the Parish Church.
More recently, we are a very active church worshipping in a range of styles.  On a Sunday morning we have more traditional services at 8am and 6pm.  At 6pm the worship is led by our church choir.  At 10am, we have three family services that meet in three different locations around Chester le Street.  Each has a more modern style of worship.  Parish Central meets in the parish church in the centre of Chester-le-Street, Parish South worships in the Hermitage school and Parish North gather together at the Church of England Primary school in South Pelaw.  There are also services on Thursday mornings at 10.45am in the parish church and on Friday mornings at the Brockwell centre, Pelton Fell at 10am.
Alongside services the church, we have a parish centre coffee lounge that is open everyday from 10.00 am - 2.00 pm.  The church also runs many activities that engage with the people of Chester-le-Street as we proclaim God's good news.  If, you are looking to use the church for a baptism (christening), a wedding or a funeral, then we would love to welcome you to our church.  For more information see our page on Life events.

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