Small Group Notes

Small group notes for October 24

Reading:  Matthew 22: 34-end


  1. Why did the Pharisees ask this question? Was their goal to learn something new or important from Jesus? How might they have sought to trap Jesus with this question?
  1. Where is this commandment found in the Old Testament?
    What are your observations about this commandment?
  1. How can you demonstrate love for God who is untouchable and cannot be seen?
  1. In this context what does the word “Lord” mean? What does this show about our relationship with God?
  1. How about the word “your?” In what way is God “your God?”
  1. How do you love God with ALL of heart, soul and mind? Can you give any examples of what loving God with only part might look like?
    Are there any differences between heart, soul, and mind? Why do you think all three are emphasised here?


  1. Now whose turn was it to ask a question? Why do you think Jesus asked them this question? What point does He want them to recognise?
  1. In what way was the Messiah the Son of David?
  1. In what way was the Messiah “Lord” or greater than David?
  1. Did the Pharisees think of the Messiah as human only or divine only or both?
  1. If the Messiah is the son of David is he human?
  1. If the Messiah is greater than David (the greatest of all the Israelite kings), then what inference can we make about the Messiah?
  1. So what aspect of the Messiah’s nature was Jesus bringing out to the Pharisees?
  1. What can we learn from Jesus about the Word of God? What can see about Jesus’ attitude toward the Word of God, even seemingly obscure details?


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