Parish Church - The Building

The Parish Church building is a grade 2 listed building that contains many interesting features.

The present building dates back to 1054.

Perhaps its most distinctive feature on  first sight is the Tower and Steeple which can be seen from most areas of the town.

To the left of the main entrance is the smaller entrance to the Anker's House Museum.


A fascimile copy of the Lindisfarne Gospels is also to be found in the Baptistry area


On entering the building there are a number of features:

Lumley Warriors - these are a series of 14 stone effigies along the north wall representing the Lumley family.  There are a number of theories about them - 3 could possibly be genuine.  None of them are tombs, they date from 1377 to 1594.

Lambton Pew - This was built in 1829 and designed by the architect Ignatiurs Bonomi and is reached from outside the building.

The Chancel - This was greatly altered in 1862, 1883 and 1927.   With the Harrison and Harrison organ, revoiced in 1945


  • The Sedilla - seats for the clergy and The Aumbry - a place to put sacred vessels
  • 3 Murals - painted by AK Nicholson
    • The monks leaving Lindisfarne
    • King Athelstane granting them land on which they could build a church
    • The beginnings of the wooden church
  • The East wall -
    • Main Window (see later notes)
    • Statues - right is St Cuthbert holding the head of King Oswald and on the left St Mary
    • Other stained glass windows (see later notes)
  • The Choir stalls and screen were carved by Ralph Hedley

The Lady Chapel

  • Altar furnishing in memoriam of Donald Own Clark, aged 18 years, who was awarded the George Cross for bravery in the Second World War.
  • The Piscina and Aumbry
  • The bronze memorial plaque with 286 names on it for the First World War dead
  • Two memorial books in glass cases

The Baptistry -

  • There is a large stone font - possibly 13 -15th Century.  The cover and screen were again carved by Ralph Hedley.
  •  On the floor is a headless effigy dressed as a Bishop.

Stained Glass Windows - there are a number of stained glass windows - 2 of particular interest are the Window above the North Door - Holman Hunt Window and The Lindisfarne Gospel Window, both of which are to be found on the North wall.

  • North Wall
    • Showing the baptism, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension of Jesus
    • 1903 - The Holman Hunt window - I am the Light of the world.  The Second light - I am the good shepherd.
    • 1891 - The Lindisfarne Gospel Wingow
    • 1866 - Lazarus's two sisters Martha and Mary with Jesus
  • Chancel
    • East Wall Window
      • Top row - The life of St Mary - the annunciation, the visit by the shepherds, visitation of the Magi, presentation at the temple Simeon (the Nunc Dimittus)
      • Bottom row - the visits of Royalty, and Bishops, bringing gifts to the shrine.  The monks arriving in Chester-le-Strret.
    • South Wall
      • 3 in memorian of Canon Blunt, the fourth in memory of Curate Bowness - 1836
  • The Lady Chapel
    • 1863 window, in memory of the Fenwick parents, with readings from the Bible.
  • South Wall
    • 1864 - the Cookson window, with some sayings of Jesus.
    • 1961 - St Mary and St Cuthbert given by Mr Wood
  • The Baptistry
    • The window 1901 given by the Armstrong Family
  • The West Window - above the porch - this shows
    • Abram ready to scrifice his son
    • Abram beign told his wife was with child
    • Abraham returning from rescuing his nephew Lot from the Kings of Edom
    • King Melchizedick giving him bread and wine


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