Conditions of use

St Mary and St Cuthbert’s Parish Centre

Conditions of Use from 1st January 2017

The following conditions apply to all users of the Parish Centre, whether or not they are church members or groups.   Please read them carefully, since you will be asked to sign a declaration saying that you have done this and that you or the group or organisation you represent will abide by them.

You must keep to the times you have booked.   If you need any “setting up” or “clearing away” time, please build this in to your booking.   There is a heavy demand for rooms and another group may well be using the room you have booked immediately after you.

When you leave the room, please turn off the lights, close the windows and shut the doors.   If you are the last group in the Parish Centre, please also check that the lights in all three sets of toilets are turned off and that the fire doors are closed properly.

When you use any tables and chairs, please clear them away at the end of your booking to positions agreed with the Staff in the Office - unless you know that the next user of the room will need them.   When moving either tables or chairs across the room, do not drag them as this damages both the floor and the chairs - either carry them or use a trolley.    When not in use, please store chairs/tables as follows:               

Mary                     stack chairs in groups of 5 and stacking tables in groups of

Eardulph              stack chairs in groups of 3 (tables do not stack)

Cuthbert              stack chairs in groups of 5 and stacking tables in groups of 7 (in the storage area)

The maximum numbers allowed in each room are dictated by the Fire Officer’s Certificate and this was agreed as

100 in Mary, 50 in Eardulph and 200 in Cuthbert.   It is important that you observe this rule.

If any accident happens, report this directly to the Office for recording in the Accident Book (this is a legal requirement).   Also, if you find anything to be damaged when you arrive, or any damage occurs during your booking, you must again report this directly to the Office.   If the Office is closed you must do this as soon as possible afterwards.

If your groups uses the kitchen or serve refreshments of any kind to the public one or more of those involved must hold a current Basic Health and Hygiene Certificate to comply with the Environmental Health Service rules.    When using the kitchen you must not allow anyone under the age of 14 to enter the kitchen area.

Obviously there is No Smoking in the Parish Centre.   There are alarms in all rooms and they are very sensitive.

No posters, notices or other items are to be put on the walls.   If you need to display any notices there may be limited space available for this but you will need to obtain permission from the Office first.   If permission is given, you must only use the display space allocated to you.

There are First Aid Kits in the Kitchen and the Office for you to use if you need them.

You and your group members are responsible for the safety of your own equipment and personal belongings.   The Church does not accept any responsibility for these and is not normally able to provide any facilities for the storage of equipment.

Please note that, if you have a regular booking, it may occasionally be necessary for the Church to reserve the room you normally use for special Church events.   However, if this happens we will aim to give you plenty of notice and do our best to arrange an alternative for you.

The area designated as a Private Car Park is reserved for use by Staff only at all times.

Fire Regulations

These regulations, drawn up with our Fire Officer’s approval, are very important and must be adhered to at all times.  If we fail to do so it could result in injury or loss of life.  It is also a requirement of the Public Entertainments Licence we hold and have to apply for renewal each year.

At the beginning of every meeting, class, etc., someone should take on the responsibility of informing those present of the procedure to be undertaken in the event of a fire.

They should point out the fire exits, fire alarm points and fire extinguishers.

In the event of a fire the assembly point outside the building is in the car park nearest to the URC.

Special help should be given to the elderly and disabled to evacuate the building and checks should be made on anyone who may have gone into another room, i.e. toilets.

Small fires may be tackled with the fire extinguishers and simple explanations of how to do this are on notices next to them.  Disconnect any electrical appliance involved before using the suitable extinguisher.  There are suitable extinguishers for electrical fires in the Office and Hild.  The remainder of them throughout the building are foam based, with two fire blankets in the kitchen.  If the fire has taken hold then the Fire Brigade should be contacted immediately via the phone in the kitchen (free for 999 calls).

Please remember not to block the fire exits, they are clearly marked with white and green labels over the appropriate doors.

Fire doors must not be propped open, as they will stop fire spreading when closed.

Our Fire Officer would be most willing to come and clarify any points with your group.  You may also like to know that he inspects the extinguishers regularly and will undertake fire drills each year.

We have a contract with suppliers to maintain all our systems, electrical, gas fire extinguishers and all the kitchen equipment.  This is all done on a yearly basis and is not, as you can imagine, done without some considerable financial cost to the church, but your safety is the most important reason.

We ask that you sign a declaration that you have read these Conditions and will adhere to them fully and return the document for our records.  A copy of it will be returned to you

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